We have assembled twelve of Omaha’s most creative artists and art classes to paint Adirondack rocking chairs based on approved urban speculative fiction works of literature.

Like our authors, these individuals are extraordinarily passionate and creative.  This year’s event promises to be a beautiful marriage of literature and art. 

The completed chairs will be left on display in Omaha’s public libraries after the event.  You may click on the artists’ names above to learn more about them and see more of their work.


Artistic Talent

Bill Hoover

Natalie Linstrom

Jean Mason

Carlleta Harty

Watie White

Linda Hatfield

Deborah McColley

James Freeman

Eddith Buis

Stephanie Olesh

Faith Enright

Kristin Pluhacek

Rodney Rahl

The rocking chair was brought back into fashion in the 1960s by President Kennedy but furniture makers had started putting curved rockers under existing chairs from the beginning of the eighteenth century to make them more comfortable.


“We rock so our youth can write!”